I love playing with new technologies in my various side and weekend projects:


crofflr is a web service, it specializes in automated wireless ebook deliveries from your favourite reading list (Read It Later, Pinboard) directly to your Kindle. crofflr collects all unread articles and converts them into a Kindle compatible text version. Deliveries are scheduled on a weekly basis.


Remote control your Freecom MusicPAL internet radio from your Android smartphone.

Tweetly Updater

Tweetly Updater is a WordPress plugin that updates Twitter when you create or edit a blog entry. It uses the service for short urls. The plugin uses with the history option, so you can track the clicks on the urls inside your twitter posts on your homepage.

Gourmand Search

A search engine using Google custom search dedicated to sites about food, cooking and beverages.


A little command line program that downloads a picture from the web, converts it and then changes your Windows Desktop. I used this to enjoy the “Nearly-Live Planetary Desktop” wallpapers.